Proposed Traffic Orders

Details of proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) that are out for consultation and Orders that have been made.

Experimental parking restrictions in and around Rutherford Close

Following a previous consultation on proposals to introduce yellow lines in Rutherford Close and at the start of the adjoining roads Clovelly Way and Redcar Drive, Stevenage Borough Council has decided to undertake an experimental scheme of parking control in this area. This experiment will start 8 February 2019 and may take up to 18 months. All the details can be found in the documents below.

Closed consultations

The following consultations are now closed but you can still view the details of the proposals using the links below.

Proposed parking restrictions in Wisden Road, Vardon Road and Meredith Road

Formal consultations are now closed for the below proposed Traffic Regulation Order. Double yellow lines are proposed at the junctions of Vardon Road with Meredith Road and Wisden Road, and around the entrances to cul-de-sacs throughout Wisden Road. All responses received during this public consultation will be formally considered to allow a decision to be taken on how to proceed.

Site plans

Changes to parking facilities in Coreys Mill Lane and Whitney Drive

Following consideration of all consultation responses, changes in Coreys Mill Lane were completed in early March 2019. However the proposed addition of three parking bays in Whitney Drive will not be implemented.

Site Plan

Parking restrictions in Roebuck and Longmeadow Wards

A decision has been taken regarding the proposed yellow lines and the verge or footway parking ban throughout the Broadwater area. The proposed parking restrictions will go ahead as detailed in the documents below and the implementation date is 2 June 2019. Note that item references in the report/appendices refer to the draft Traffic Orders; items in the sealed Traffic Orders have been renumbered following the amendments.

Site Plans: