Residential Parking

Obstructive parking in residential areas is a serious problem of which the council is very much aware. We have no powers to restrict the number of vehicles that residents own, nor where people park vehicles on the public highway where there are no restrictions in place, other than introducing restrictions of waiting (double yellow lines), limited waiting restrictions (single yellow lines) or verge & footway prohibition. The only option available to the council is to increase the number of off street parking spaces, but this can only be done if suitable land is available, and the council allocates funds for the construction costs.

A list of streets that suffer the most parking congestion is maintained. Each of these have been assessed, scored and ranked. Finance that has previously been made available enabled priority to be given to the worst affected areas first.

With regards to parking permit schemes, please refer to the points below:

  1. Please note that Stevenage Borough Council does not operate “on street parking permit schemes” on the public highway. Similar to many other local authority areas, we intend to undertake further investigation of parking controls but at this time this type of scheme is currently not available in Stevenage.
  2. With regards to Stevenage Borough Council owned properties with “off street parking allocation”, please note that these properties may have private off street parking allocation in the form of residents permit parking schemes. (Please consult with our Housing section to clarify if the property has off street parking allocation)

There are also a number of garages available to rent in many areas of the town. For more information about renting a garage see the link on the right.

Please use the online reporting form to report a problem or if you would like advice on parking issues please contact us using the details on the right.


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