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The PCN shows the details of the alleged contravention, the date and time when it occurred plus the location where it happened.  If you feel it was wrongly issued or that there are special circumstances, you should fill in the online form available below or write to the address below providing full details.  This may result in the PCN being cancelled, or your challenge being turned down, in which case you will be informed about your rights to take the matter further.

You should write promptly, to the address shown on the right, as this will still provide the opportunity for you to pay at the reduced rate should your challenge be turned down.

Parking restrictions, denoted by yellow lines, apply not only to carriageways, but also to grass verges and footways. Where yellow lines are in place penalty charge notices may be issued to vehicles parked on an adjacent footway and/or verge.

If you have any questions about parking enforcement within the town, please contact the Parking Office on 01279 502039.



Parking Contravention Challenge

Contact details

The Parking Office
PO Box 394
SG13 9JU

01279 502039