Parking bays for Blue Badge holders

If you are a Blue Badge holder with mobility difficulties and don’t have a driveway or garage then you can request a disabled parking space is marked near your home.

If your request is for a bay to be marked on the road then you will need to make your application to the Highway Authority Hertfordshire County Council or call 0300 123 4047.

If your request is for a bay to be marked on a parking area owned by Stevenage Borough council (these areas are mostly concrete hardstand areas away from the public highway) please download and complete an application form or telephone us on 01438 242242 or email to ask for an application form to be sent out.

Disabled bays in residential areas will generally be “advisory bays” not enforceable by the civil parking enforcement officers. 

What will happen after you apply

The location requested for a disabled parking space will be visited. We will take into account any known traffic problem in the area into consideration.  We may also contact the Police and/or Hertfordshire County Council.

If the road or the location already benefits from one or more disabled parking spaces, we will have to consult with other residents as we normally permit only one in every ten parking spaces to be marked for disabled use only.

If your application is successful, SBC will arrange for marking out of the most suitable space in the desired area free of charge to you. However to minimise the costs, marking out of disabled parking spaces will be arranged in conjunction with other roadmarkings by SBC in the are so there can be a delay of eight or more weeks before we have enough work to justify calling out our contractors. Please note that roadmarkings are rarely carried out in autumn or winter seasons or during prolonged wet weather times.

You must notify SBC of any changes to your circumstances (eligibility, change of address, change of vehicle, etc).  We may periodically ask for your up to date details for eligibility purposes.

Please be aware that an advisory disabled space can be used by any ‘blue badge’ holder as the space will not be for your sole use.

Possible reasons for refusal

  • Proposed location will impinge on highway safety (obstruction of sight lines, vehicle or pedestrians’ right of way, presence of single or double yellow lines).
  • Introduction of a new disabled bay/space will exceed the maximum ratio of one in ten of existing parking spaces.
  • Expired Blue Badge.
  • Demand for parking is relatively low and so acceptable parking space can be found.
  • Construction of a vehicle cross over (dropped kerbs) to park a vehicle within the boundaries of the property is possible.

Right of Appeal

If you are refused, you do have the right of appeal. Therefore you should write to us explaining your reason(s) for the appeal to : 

Planning & Engineering Services
Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House
Herts SG1 1HN

The Appeal will consider whether your application has been properly assessed against the criteria.

Contact details

Engineering Services
Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House
01438 242296