Parking Enforcement during the Coronavirus outbreak

A limited Parking Enforcement service has continued to operate in order to deliver an essential traffic management function, to help to keep the roads safe and avoid dangerous parking becoming an additional burden on the Police.

Although many parking restrictions have not been enforced, with growing traffic volumes management of parking is now moving towards normal practice in order to manage this.

We are sympathetic to NHS teams and Carers whether they are parking around the hospital where there are parking restrictions, or in our neighbourhoods where parking may be more restricted as more people are at home with their cars. If parking on duty, eligible NHS/caring staff should display a “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Parking Pass” which can be obtained from your employer.

Where you see parking restrictions, please think about why they exist and park as sensibly and considerately as you can.

If you get a parking ticket you can pay or challenge it through the online PCN portal.

These changes are in effect across Stevenage.

Town Centre pay and display

As lockdown eases, from the start of June parking bays in the Town Centre will begin to be enforced. Please read the notices/tariff sheets on payment machines to find out what you need to do.

Other parking places

Time limits on parking in the Old Town have been suspended, but will return from mid-June as non-essential shops reopen to ensure turnover of parking so that it is available for customers to use.

If you live in Burymead please be aware that from 6 July 2020 we will restart enforcing the Burymead parking permit area (Zone B). All permits that were valid on 24 March 2020 will have their expiry date extended by four months to compensate for the 15 weeks in which the enforcement was suspended. Visitor vouchers can be used as normal from 6 July 2020 as these do not have an expiry date. Further details were provided in our letter which was sent on 15 June 2020 to all addresses in Burymead. To apply for a new Burymead parking permit or visitor vouchers please visit our Parking Permits webpage.

Parking near the Lister Hospital

Parking bays on Coreys Mill Lane and in North Road are now available without time limit and free of charge. This is intended to help NHS workers and the seriously ill get as close to the Hospital as possible: please only park here if you really need to.

Double Yellow Lines

Don’t park on double yellow lines: if you do, you’re still likely to get a parking ticket. These yellow lines are there to ensure that roads remain safely passable, and parking on them could mean an ambulance can’t get through, that essential deliveries are hindered, or that your neighbour can’t get the care they need.

Parking on verges and footways

If you block the pavement where there’s a verge and footway ban you’re still likely to get a parking ticket. Not everyone has a car and it’s not okay to prevent pedestrians or wheelchair users getting to their destination or force them to walk in the road.

If you bump onto the verge a little but aren’t doing other harm, you won’t get a ticket – but please don’t if you can avoid it.

Loading bays

Loading bays are needed for shops to receive deliveries so that they can stay open and you can get your shopping. Please don’t park in them: if you do, you may well get a parking ticket.

Disabled bays

People with disabilities don’t have the same mobility as those without, and need disabled bays to be able to access services such as food shops. While not all disabled bays are enforceable, please respect them all so that those who need them don’t suffer unnecessarily. If you park in a disabled bay without a Blue Badge, you’re likely to get a parking ticket.

Single yellow lines

Single yellow lines only apply at certain times, to deal with time-limited issues such as school drop-off parking pressure or commuter parking. In light of a growing volume of commuter parking, from Monday 7 June single yellow lines will be enforced again in parts of the town.