Stevenage Council 2019/20 budget focused on refreshing the town

05 Mar 2019

At a Full Council meeting on 27 February 2019, Leader Cllr Sharon Taylor told councillors: “In spite of experiencing cuts of over £5.33million to our funding, I’m proud to see this council continues to deliver services of value to the people of Stevenage. Our efficiencies and improvements can only take us so far and to continue to maintain services, we must increase Council Tax again.”

All councillors attending the meeting voted to approve the annual budget.

Council Tax paid to Stevenage Borough Council for a Band C property will go up by £5.43 (2.99%). Each Band C household will next year pay Stevenage Borough Council £181.17. That’s 51pence a day for more than 120 services, including doorstep refuse and recycling collections, maintenance of parks and green spaces, the play service and play areas, community safety, cemeteries, environmental health, and leisure and cultural facilities such as the Museum. The County Council’s increase of 2.99% and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s increase of 14.63% means the Band C council tax in Stevenage for 2019/20 will be £1,563.12.
Cllr Taylor also unveiled plans for the Leader’s Spending Initiatives.
She said: “I am pleased to share the following proposed investments which reflect the priorities of our residents. As part of our efforts to work co-operatively with Stevenage residents at a neighbourhood level, I’d like to set aside £26,000 to fund a spring clean of the town. This will be done with our environment teams working with groups like our green space volunteers and our residents action groups.

“I have also put aside money to help celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Stevenage Day. An investment of £1,000 to help celebrate this annual occasion for the people of Stevenage.

“We can make a contribution of £5,000 to support road safety initiatives and traffic safety measures around schools. This will help address some of the chaos that exists around some of our schools at dropping off and picking up times which is of concern to this local authority.”

“A further £1,000 will be allocated to celebrating the anniversary of 100 years of council housing. In Stevenage and for many of our residents, council housing continues to play a vital role in the history of our town.”

Cllr Taylor concluded by saying: “Here at Stevenage Borough Council, we will continue to work together for the people in our town, even as we face continuing adversity and resources are disappearing in front of our eyes. This budget gives us the capacity to carry on delivering excellent services over another year.”

Notes to editors:

The total Council Tax bill for Stevenage for 2019/20 will be:

Band A £1,172.34
Band B £1,367.73
Band C £1,563.12
Band D £1,758.51
Band E £2,149.29
Band F £2,540.08
Band G £2,930.85
Band H £3,517.02

For every pound of council tax paid, Hertfordshire County Council gets 72p plus 5p towards adult social care, Hertfordshire Police get 11p and Stevenage Borough Council gets 12p.