Council listens to public over East of Stevenage development

05 Mar 2019

At a busy full council meeting held on Wednesday 27 February in the Council Chambers, Stevenage Borough Council heard the thoughts of local residents concerned about the proposed East Herts District Council development to the East of Gresley Way, Stevenage.

Prior to the meeting, Stevenage Borough Council had produced a 12-page report expressing significant concerns about several aspects of the plan’s provisions, which was discussed at the meeting.

It recommends that further consideration be given to the following areas:

  • Affordable housing
  • Access and highways issues
  • Education provision
  • Health provision
  • Design and neighbourhood issues
  • Environmental concerns
  • Financial considerations
  • Traffic noise

Cllr John Gardner, Executive Member for Environment and Regeneration at Stevenage Borough Council said: “We listened to the concerns of local residents at the council meeting. Our task prior to the planning application being determined by East Herts District Council is to work in partnership with the Local Planning and other stakeholders such as HCC and the NHS to minimise any negative impact on Stevenage and ensure the new neighbourhood is a sustainable development.”

Cllr Jackie Hollywell, Stevenage Borough Council’s Executive Member Community Safety Executive and ward member for Chells, an area likely to be affected by the development, added: “I share the concerns expressed by the residents about the proposed development and in particular the increased traffic on Gresley Way and the road to Walkern, and call on the County Council to ensure the Highways issues are highlighted and assessed thoroughly. At Stevenage Borough Council, we have listened to your view and I support the report and the conditions highlighted within it.”