Modern Slavery Day

23 Oct 2018

October 18 was Modern Slavery Day and Stevenage Borough Council is proud to be joining the fight and raising awareness against modern day slavery.  Stevenage Borough Council understands how important it is to begin tackling the issue of modern day slavery, which is why they were the first council in Hertfordshire to sign and commit to the Modern Slavery Charter.  This important charter is designed to support victims and survivors of modern day slavery in Stevenage.

The new Modern Slavery Charter will ensure that exploitation has no place within council supply chains.  Providing support and a safe place to come to is one of the Modern Slavery initiative’s highest priorities, but looking to the root of the cause is equally as important – this is where the Modern Slavery Charter comes in. Each council involved has committed to train their corporate procurement teams, challenge any abnormally low cost tenders and report any contractors they feel are a concern regarding modern slavery. Stevenage Borough Council has also committed to report publicly on this policy annually.
In order to raise as much awareness as possible for Modern Slavery Day  on October 18, Stevenage Borough Council will be working with a number of partners within Stevenage, including Herts Police and Operation Tropic who are a dedicated team of police officers within Hertfordshire who specialise in cases involved in human trafficking and modern slavery..  We will also be distributing posters to all our local estate agents in Stevenage new and old town, as well hotels and guest houses around Stevenage.
Cllr Sharon Taylor, Leader of Stevenage Borough Council added, “Modern Slavery is one of the great evils of our time and needs to be eradicated. It is only through the combined efforts of council led programmes like SADA Modern Slavery Initiative and the Modern Slavery Charter that we can start to implement changes at a community level to tackle such a horrific problem.”

If you have concerns about an individual or an establishment in relation to modern slavery or human trafficking, please contact the SADA Modern Slavery Initiative on 01438 242666.

If you have any general enquiries regarding the Modern Slavery Charter or SADA Modern Slavery Initiative please contact the Community Safety Team on 01438 242666 or email