Stevenage Residents’ Survey findings revealed

09 Nov 2015

More than three quarters of Stevenage residents are happy living in the local area, the findings of Stevenage Borough Council’s Residents’ Survey have revealed.

Of the 1,356 respondents that took part in the survey during June and July, 79% said they enjoy living in Stevenage but the results have shown the council areas it can improve.

Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour should be the council’s top priority according to the respondents but they also highlighted regenerating the town centre, offering a range of houses to buy or rent, keeping the streets clean and tidy, and providing good shopping facilities as other areas of importance.

Since the last residents survey in 2013, the number of people that said they felt safe after dark rose by nine percent to 47% but this is low compared to the 83% that said they feel safe in the day.

Parks (82%) and the household waste collection service (75%) are the services respondents are most happy with but regeneration and neighbourhood renewal (20%) and services to address anti-social behaviour (26%) were identified as areas for further improvement.

Councillor Sharon Taylor, Leader of Stevenage Borough Council, said: “I would like to thank the people who took part in the survey. People in Stevenage play a major role in shaping the town they want to live in so the findings of this survey will enable us to put our resources where they really matter. As a co-operative council, we are always keen for residents’ suggestions and thoughts to help us improve the services that we offer.”