Council proposes plans to beat hospital parking headaches

08 Jul 2015

Stevenage Borough Council is asking people who live close to the Lister Hospital for their opinions on proposals to address dangerous and inconsiderate parking in the area.

The proposals include the introduction of pay and display bays on Coreys Mill Lane (with charges of up to £2 for three hours parking), time restrictions in some surrounding residential roads, and loading bans on junctions and entrances off Coreys Mill Lane.

They are aimed at managing traffic flow and reducing congestion in the roads around the hospital, as well as improving the parking experience for residents of streets including Chancellors Road, Bury Mead, Ingleside Drive, Tates Way and Franklins Road, who have appealed to the council for a solution to persistent parking problems in their neighbourhoods.

Cllr Ralph Raynor, Executive Member for Economy, Enterprise and Transport at Stevenage Borough Council, said, “Since the expansion of the Lister Hospital started, we’ve seen an increase in traffic problems, and inconsiderate and potentially dangerous parking in and around Coreys Mill Lane. If we don’t address these issues, they will only get worse, so we’ve spoken to local residents and come up with a set of proposals that we believe will help alleviate some of the tensions.

“We’re writing to local people this week inviting them to comment further, and we’ll post the information on our website so that anyone else who’s interested can take part in the consultation. I’m hopeful that, by the end of the year, we can introduce safe and efficient parking schemes in this very busy part of our town.”

Details of the proposals can be found at

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