Council evicts tenants for anti-social behaviour

22 May 2015

Stevenage Borough Council has evicted two tenants for persistent anti-social behaviour and complaints of drug use, after both homes had Closure Orders granted on them following complaints from neighbours and an investigation by the Police. 

The Closure Orders prevented anyone from entering the homes and causing a further nuisance to neighbours and the community. Stevenage Borough Council then executed warrants to take back the properties.

Councillor Ann Webb, Executive Member for Housing said, “This is great examples of us working in partnership with other agencies to tackle problem tenants. The decision to evict a tenant is not taken lightly, and before doing so we and our partners will work with the tenants to address any issues. In this case, both former tenants and their visitors caused anti-social behaviour in and around the local community for some time and no one should have to put up with such behaviour. I want to reassure our valued tenants that we will not tolerate anyone who causes them distress or harassment. I look forward to welcoming the new tenants to these homes.”

To report any anti-social behaviour contact the council on 01438 242666 or visit our website at

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