New scheme for council housing in Stevenage

14 Jan 2015

Stevenage Borough Council is changing the way it allocates council housing, and will now give priority to people who have lived or worked in Stevenage for at least five years.

The council’s new Housing Allocations Scheme launches on 15 January 2015 after an extensive review of the previous scheme and a series of consultations with tenants and homeseekers. It includes a number of changes that Stevenage residents requested, such as strengthening the existing local connection criteria, excluding those people who already own a home, and stronger sanctions for those who behave antisocially or have housing related debts.

Six bands replace the previous points system, which many people claimed was complicated and open to abuse. Now, applicants with broadly similar levels of housing need are placed in the relevant band and prioritised in date order.

There is also a separate register for some tenants who want to move from their current council home but have no priority, for example, if they want to downsize.

Councillor Ann Webb, Executive Member for Housing, said, “While, sadly, we cannot yet significantly increase the numbers of council homes in Stevenage, we do regularly review our allocations scheme to make sure that homes are let to the people who need them most.

“In developing this new scheme, we have listened to the views of many local people and we believe that we have a fair and uncomplicated way of allocating social homes to Stevenage residents.”

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