Stevenage school children binners are winners

03 Nov 2017

Stevenage Borough Council’s collection vehicles have been given a makeover after children from Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School won a competition to design banners encouraging people to throw their rubbish away correctly.

Schools in the council’s eco-school network were given the chance to take part in a competition to create banners telling Stevenage residents about the benefits disposing litter properly has on the environment. 

Year 2 pupils Charlotte Tierney, Brock Clarke, and Tommy Taylor-Wells met with Councillor John Gardner, Executive Member for Environment and Regeneration, at the council’s environmental services depot today to show off their designs after being picked as the winners.

Charlotte’s slogan ‘Where would you like to live? Put your rubbish in the bin!’, Brock’s design of ‘Keep our planet happy. Bin your litter!’ and Tommy’s motto ‘Litter is rubbish. Binners are winners’ are now displayed on the sides of three of the council’s waste and recycling collection vehicles.

Councillor John Gardner, Executive Member for Environment and Regeneration, said: “Congratulations to Charlotte, Brock and Tommy for their winning designs. It’s brilliant that Stevenage’s younger generation are taking the lead in making sure the town stays neat and tidy. Our refuse and recycling team collected more than 36,000 tonnes of waste from 36,290 households last year, but we can all do more to keep our town clean so I hope the children’s designs will encourage us all to throw away our rubbish correctly and recycle more.”  

For more information about recycling events in Stevenage please email or call the recycling team on 01438 218888.