Stevenage local plan examination comes to a close

04 Apr 2017

An independent Planning Inspector has finished hearings to examine the soundness of Stevenage Borough Council’s proposed local plan. The council will now look into whether any changes need to be made. 

Sessions took place throughout January, February and March, and the Planning Inspector listened to the views of residents and businesses who agreed to make representations at the hearings. All of the representations made, whether in writing or in person, will now be considered by the Inspector, as she writes her report.

Stevenage’s proposed local plan, which will replace the previous plan that was adopted in 2004, sets out proposals for regenerating the town centre, creating employment opportunities and revitalising neighbourhood centres as well as examining possible sites to build around 7,600 new homes across the town by 2031.

The council’s planning team will suggest changes to the local plan in order to resolve objections and to make it a clearer and more robust document. Any changes to the plan will be made available for public consultation, and any comments made will then be passed onto the Planning Inspector.

Stevenage Borough Council’s Strategic Director, Tom Pike, said: “Thank you to everyone who came along to the sessions and had their say on our local plan. We will now look at ways in which we can improve it as we create a vision for Stevenage that will take us to 2031.

“Stevenage is a small, highly urbanised local authority which has a high housing target. We have limited access to brownfield sites so it has been necessary to propose using some Green Belt land to meet our housing target.

“Our proposed local plan will remain true to the New Town neighbourhood principles which Stevenage as the UK’s first post war New Town was developed. It will protect and enhance our urban green spaces, provide much needed new homes, and enable regeneration of the town centre. Overall we aim to create better opportunities and life chances for all people in Stevenage for years to come.”

- ends -