Great British Spring Clean

14 Mar 2019

Stevenage will be joining Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean campaign, which runs from 22 March to 23 April 2019, and we would like you to join in by organising your own local clean-up event.

As part of the Spring Clean, we can provide litter picking equipment and will pay grants of £100 to constituted community groups who volunteer. The rules of engagement of this arrangement and the application process include:

  • Groups must be made up of a minimum of three adults
  • Applicants must be part of a constituted community group
  • At least one full bag of litter must be collected in order to claim the £100

Sign-up online if you would like to take part in the campaign.

The do's and don'ts while doing your litter pick

Please do:

  • wear your high visibility waistcoat provided at all times when collecting litter.
  • use the litter picker provided by the council and follow good hygiene practices. report to council any items too dangerous to handle such as needles, broken glass, dangerous substances and fly-tipping.
  • dress appropriately for the weather. Wear layers if it’s cold and use sun screen and take water to keep hydrated in warm weather.
  • work only from footpaths or verges.
  • withdraw rather than face conflict and report to the council. 
  • avoid contact with animals.
  • be aware of low lying branches and exposed tree and shrub roots. Beware of dangerous plants and possible adverse reactions
  • stay in the nominate area.

Please don’t:

  • wear open toe shoes, wear suitable footwear for uneven/unstable ground and appropriate for weather conditions.
  • do anything that is likely to endanger yourself or others, including litter picking on a busy road.
  • touch anything that may be dangerous, including needles or syringes, human waste, animal waste, blood or fly-tipping. Report these items to the council.
  • sort through waste materials inside bags and be aware of protruding objects.
  • deal with animal faeces, report it.
  • overfill bags so they become too heavy to comfortably handle.
  • attempt to deal with aggressive or difficult people. Do not confront anyone littering, please report this to council.
  • litter pick at height that involves climbing.
  • collect litter from privately owned land, stay on the public paths