Variation of Tenancy Agreements

05 Jun 2020

Variation of Tenancy Agreements for existing council tenants

All existing secure and introductory tenants will shortly be receiving a letter, detailing the varied conditions of their tenancy with us. This follows on from the consultation exercise carried out between September and October last year.

Thank you to all our tenants who provided feedback to us during this time as it has allowed us to review the proposed conditions and make amendments where necessary. Recognising the time period since the consultation was carried out and new terms were agreed by the Council Executive in March 2020, it has also meant that we have further worked on the design, layout and contents of the final document. You can see the interactive redesigned document on our Tenancy Agreement and types of tenancy page.

Please contact your Housing Officer in Resident and Estates Services who manage our housing management functions should you have any queries via telephone on 01438 242242 or via email at