New recycling bags

05 Feb 2020

During winter 2018/19, we carried out a trial of recycling bags with residents living in Manor Ward and Symonds Green.

We have listened to feedback from our residents and the teams who collect your refuse and recycling. 54% of respondents stated that they preferred using the bags rather than boxes and 12% had no strong opinion.

Our residents also said that the bags are:

  • easier to store
  • easier to move
  • easier to place recycling into
  • more secure as the lids are attached to the bag
  • easier to handle
  • better value for money – so we can spend your council tax on other important initiatives

The recycling bags:

  • are slightly bigger than the boxes and have a larger capacity of 60 litres than the boxes which have 55 litres.
  • will not blow away as there is a 500 gram weight in the bottom of them.
  • are made from a waterproof material and when closed using the velcro, rain (and animals) will not get in.

Environmentally friendly and easy to clean

The recycling bags are made of plastic like the boxes. However, it takes less plastic to produce one bag compared to a box. The bags are durable, can be recycled through the council and can be cleaned and washed out.

Please wash your recycling to prevent food and drink residue collecting in your bag and squash the recycling down so that it takes up less space. Like some do with their plastic boxes, you can mark your bags.

Why we ask that you separate your recycling

All separated recycling material is sold for reprocessing which generates income for the Council to help cover some of the costs of delivering the refuse and recycling service. If we were to accept a mixture of recycling, we would have to pay for it to be taken away. This would increase the cost of the service and could result in higher Council Tax bills for our residents.

Just as you recycle now, the blue bag is for paper, card and Tetra Paks and the black bag is for cans and plastics (bottles, pots, tubs and trays).

You will need to continue putting glass in the red caddy and food and garden waste will continue to go in your brown wheelie bin.

Can I have a recycling bag?

We won’t be providing bags to everyone right away so please continue to use your plastic boxes. We will provide residents with a bag when their existing boxes break or are misplaced. We would ask that any old boxes are returned to us so that we can send them for recycling.