Children bring Gordon the Goose’s bread problem to life

22 May 2018

Pupils from Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School and Woolenwick Junior School performed a short play about Gordon the Greedy Goose, in Fairlands Valley Park today.

The play tells the tragic story of a goose who eats too much bread and can no longer fly.

Children aged seven to ten brought Gordon to life in support of Stevenage Borough Council’s campaign to explain why you should not feed bread to ducks and geese.

Bread is junk food for birds, and can lead to diseases which prevent them from flying. Instead they prefer a diet of vegetables and seed.

The play was written by council officer Joel Gainsford and follows the adventures of a bird who is overfed by kindly park visitors and becomes ill, until changing his diet. The children added their own dance and a song for the performance.

Christina Anderson, Eco and Inclusion Leader at Woolenwick Infants said: “Our children are passionate about helping wildlife and caring for the environment. They feel it is important to show other people how to make a positive difference and have been very excited and proud that this play was performed and watched by children from Lonsdale School, as well as parents, carers and councillors.”

Seven-year-old Sichi Madu, who played Gordon the Greedy Goose added: “You really have to stop feeding bread to birds because it makes them splat. The play is really exciting. I'm so proud to be part of it.”

Councillor John Gardner, Executive member for Environment and Regeneration, said: “It was lovely for people to see the play performed by the lake where our ducks and geese were swimming, and hope the children’s efforts help the birds enjoy a happier and healthier life. The children did a marvellous job of bringing Gordon to life and showing why we shouldn’t overfeed them.”

The message has spread and the council has even had a request for the book from the Director of the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History, in Little Rock, which has had trouble with visitors feeding bread to nearby Canadian geese. The museum is using it in a children's educational programme.

Schools or other interested groups and individuals can get a copy of the Gordon the Greedy Goose from the café in Fairlands Valley Park or online at