Pupils work to create inspiring school entrance

11 Dec 2017

Thank you to children from Peartree Spring Primary School who visited Stevenage Borough Council last week. We worked with the children to spruce up an alleyway that’s a popular route on their journey to school and they had lots of exciting ideas for making it a fun and inviting place to walk through.

The council joined the children, parents and school staff for a litter picking session to start the project off, after the School Council, Eco Team and Rights Respecting pupil leaders championed the cause.

Pupils have come up with lovely ideas to brighten it up with child-friendly murals, colourful paving and planting. A group of parent volunteers have offered to maintain it.

Mijke Pechey, the Curriculum Leader at the school, said: “We have the opportunity to turn this forgotten alleyway into a bright and welcoming space that will start the school day off on a cheerful note and make it more pleasant for everyone in the community to walk through. It is a wonderful community project and all the children at school are excited to be part of it.”

Sharon Taylor, Leader of Stevenage Borough Council Leader and Mayor Pam Stuart showed the children the Council Chamber last week and gave the children an insight into how the council works.

Teresa Skeggs, Headteacher said: “It’s really important for them to be part of the community and give something back. They are going to use it so felt passionately about it so really good for them. Young people in Stevenage do not always get good press but they were really enthusiastic.”

Do you have an area you would like to brighten up? Email our neighbourhood wardens on neighbourhood.warden@stevenage.gov.uk or find out more online about how you could work with us to improve our town: stevenage.gov.uk/ourneighbourhood