Careline team helps thousands with emergency response

20 Oct 2017

In the past six months, our Careline team have responded to 3,442 calls, round the clock, to help people in an emergency.

The Careline alarm service offers a unique emergency alarm response service providing peace of mind and reassurance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The people helped since 1 April this year included:

  • 328 people who needed help after a fall
  • 717 people concerned about their health
  • and 498 people with mental health issues, including dementia

Beverley said having a Careline alarm has improved the lives of her mother, Sybil and herself: “My mother is 94 years old with mobility issues and hearing problems and was always nervous when left on her own. But since joining Careline, I can go out at the drop of a hat and don’t stress if appointments take longer than anticipated. It is so reassuring knowing you have such marvellous support at the press of a button. I cannot praise this service enough. Thank you to all concerned and for doing such a fine job.”

Paula agreed to appear in our advert after our Careline time helped her. She said: “Having my pendant has saved my life.  I would never be without it.  I have excellent support from the girls who come out to help me when I need it.”

The emergency alarm service is open to adults young or old. If you are vulnerable ro have a relative a friend who could benefit, find out more online: