Do you live in Stevenage and have a child with a disability or health problem?

01 Sep 2017

Are you getting the financial support you are entitled to?

Stevenage Borough Council and the County Council’s Money Advice Unit have joined together to help parents and carers of children with disabilities and health problems in Stevenage.

  • Are you entitled to claim Disability Living Allowance (child under16) or Personal Independence Payment (16 or over)?
  • Or have you claimed it already and want to check if you’re entitled to extra benefits such as Carer’s Allowance or additional tax credit?
  • You might even get tax credits for the first time if DLA/PIP is awarded.

These benefits are worth a considerable amount of money and could make a real difference to your child. With Universal Credit coming to Stevenage for new claimants in 2018, we want to make sure that you are getting the right benefits now.

If you live in Stevenage and would like to discuss this further then please contact the Money Advice Unit on 01438 843456.