Is your name on the register?

11 Aug 2017

Help us make sure our Electoral Register is up-to-date and respond to our household enquiry form so you have the right to vote at elections.

From Friday 11 August we are sending out the forms. If your details are correct then please confirm that they are by going online at or returning the form to us. If you have changed address in the past year – or if there is new people living at the property – then you need to update the details so everyone who is eligible can vote.

Making sure you are registered means you have the right to vote at elections and being registered could also improve your credit rating. Whether you choose to use your vote or not is a personal choice, but if your details have changed and you don't respond or if you provide false information on the form you may be liable to a fine of £1,000.

Registering online is quick and easy using the instructions on the form, and helps ensure the council receives the information in a timely way. You can also respond by post. For more information, email or call 01438 242242.