Knit coconuts or take a selfie as a Museum Champion

16 Jun 2017

Stevenage Museum is asking people to knit coconuts or take a selfie to join the ranks of the museum champions who help it thrive.

It’s part of a new way of engaging with their supporters and volunteers and recognising the ways in which people can help.

Through their new Museum Champions website, potential volunteers can sign up and complete challenges, ranging from liking Stevenage Museum on Facebook to knitting a coconut for the coconut shy at their summer exhibition, All the Fun of the Fair, which celebrates the history of the Charter Fair.

Or they could take a selfie at the museum and post it on Instagram.

The initiative is funded by the Arts Council and aims to help the museum recruit and engage a wide range of volunteers who may have limited time but are happy to support when they can. Such micro-volunteering is growing throughout the UK.

You can find out more about Museum Champions here: