Children help shape their local play areas

16 Jun 2017

We’re celebrating Co-op Fortnight with news of some of the ways we are working with residents to improve our town.

Stevenage Borough Council is investing to improve play areas for children and young people throughout the town. In 2016/17, children and young people were given the exciting opportunity to pick their five favourite pieces of play equipment for their local play area.

We generally receive between 50-120 responses for each play area. The suggestions were all collated and the most popular items of play equipment form the basis of a brief that is then sent out with the tender documents.  Six new play areas have already been created, incorporating the children’s ideas.

As well as swings and climbing frames, the play areas include a zip wire, basketball hoops, climbing wall, rocking boat and a dinosaur domain.

Before the work in 2016/17, 56% of children and young people rated the play areas as poor or very poor, while after the works 100% rated them as good or very good.  The level of vandalism and misuse has decreased too. Before the investment only 14% of children and young people were visiting their play area every day, but this grew to 29% after the improvement work was completed.

In 2017/18 the council is working with local children again, to design and deliver more new play areas. To find out how you can work with us to improve our town, please visit the Our Neighbourhood section of our website.