Fire at Fairlands Valley Park

13 Jun 2017

The Environment Lake at Fairlands Valley Park was affected by a fire at around 8.45pm on Monday 12 June. Thanks to the fast response of the fire and rescue service, staff at Fairlands Valley Park, and the Police, the fire was contained quickly and safely.

Fortunately no-one was injured although the plastic walkway and some plants and trees were damaged. The area affected is inaccessible to the public while the damage is inspected and cleaned up.

Stevenage Borough Council staff are working with the fire and rescue service to assess the damage and investigate the cause of the fire.

Fairlands Valley Park remains open to the public. It is a free and very popular attraction and we would ask all visitors to make note of the information boards around the park. Specifically, visitors should be aware that the lighting of fires and barbecues is not permitted anywhere in Fairlands Valley Park.