London Terror Attacks - An address from the Mayor

06 Jun 2017

An address from Mayor of Stevenage, Cllr Pam Stuart:

On Saturday evening - a time when many people were relaxing and socialising with their friends and loved ones terror struck once again.  This time on London Bridge in our capital city.  It was an attack designed to create confusion and as much destruction as possible.  It left seven people dead and 21 critically injured many with possible life changing injuries.

Many people from Stevenage travel to London regularly for work and pleasure.  Indeed I am one such person as my daughter and her family live there and I know Borough Market is one of their haunts. Last night I spoke to a Stevenage resident who was caught up in the Westminster attack.  He is still very traumatised by the attack and is still unable to return to work.

These terrorists will never divide us.  In fact it brings us closer together as one Nation.  Many people worked through the night on Saturday caring for the wounded and many  helped each other to find a safe place during the attack.  It makes me proud to be British when I hear of such heroic actions and there were many such actions during the evening of last Saturday. It is what we do....we care.

Our lives must go on as before.  Our police and security forces will do their best to keep us safe.  Just now our hearts and our thoughts are with the families and friends of all the people and friends who have been affected by the horrendous actions of these terrorists. Hope remains stronger than hate and there is still more that unites us than divides us.