Council executive decision - Stevenage Football Club

24 Feb 2017

For several years, Stevenage Borough Council has faced continuing financial challenges. Our government funding has been reduced by almost £5million since 2010, and we need to make a further million pounds of savings in the next three years. Additionally, as a publicly accountable authority, there are rules and restrictions around how we can spend money.

As a result, we have had to give serious consideration to how we allocate our limited resources, and regrettably have informed Stevenage FC that we are not able to provide financial support for their North Stand Development. Our priorities, shaped by Stevenage residents’ views and clearly set out in our Corporate Plan, focus on investments in housing development, town centre regeneration, and revitalising neighbourhood areas.

Stevenage Football Club is a private business and leases the football ground from Stevenage Borough Council, who own the land. Under the terms of the lease, responsibility for any repairs or improvements to the stadium essentially rests with the football club.

We recognise and are grateful for the contribution that the football club makes to the town - on and off the pitch. We have given Stevenage FC both financial and ‘in-kind’ support for many years, and will continue to do what we can to support the club, but this will not involve the commitment of scarce public funds.