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Shrub & Rose Beds

We maintain almost 34 hectares of shrub and rose beds throughout Stevenage.

Our responsibility

We maintain a variety of shrub and rose beds in the following areas:

  • Public open space
  • Cemeteries
  • Highway verges
  • Central reservations
  • Parks
  • Town Centre Gardens

Please use the link on the right 'Housing Grounds Maintenance' should you wish to make a report/request or require more information about grass within flat blocks, hostels and sheltered housing units.

We do not maintain beds that are:

  • Privately owned
  • On properties/estates owned by bodies other than the council.

Maintenance and care

Shrub beds in residential areas and parks, etc are:

  • Pruned twice a year - once in summer (sightline and overhanging material only), and once in winter (full prune).
  • Weed killed twice a year - following the summer and winter prune.
  • litter picked at each visit.

Shrub beds in high profile locations are:

  • Pruned twice a year - once in summer and once in winter
  • Hand weeded once a month between April - October
  • Litter picked once a week

High profile locations include:

  • The Town Centre
  • High Street
  • Town Centre Gardens
  • Lytton Way Gardens
  • Millennium Garden
  • Fairlands Valley Park
  • Neighbourhood retail centres

To report a problem with a shrub bed please complete the online report form.  Your report will be investigated within two working days and, where necessary, the teams will usually return to site within 5 working days.

Replanting of existing shrub beds

We implement a programme to replant existing Council shrub beds each winter.

Shrubs will usually remain vigorous and healthy for 10-15 years. After this time they may need to be removed and replaced with younger, healthier, more vigorous plants.

We are constantly updating a list of sites that would benefit from reinstatement planting.  Sites will be prioritised, but where a need for replanting has been identified the shrub bed will remain on our list until we are able to carry out the appropriate improvements.

The list of sites to be replanted is finalised, each year, during August / September so that all planting can be carried out between November and March.

To request a shrub bed to be replanted please complete the online request available on the right.


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