Housing grants and loans FAQs

Q - Can you help with the cost of repairs or improvements to my property

A - We have a very limited budget and can only help in the case of owner occupied properties where the owner is in receipt of a qualifying income related benefit AND the works are required to deal with an imminent risk to the health, safety or welfare of the occupants.

Q - I am not on a means-tested benefit.  Can I get a grant to pay for repairs to my property?

A - Unfortunately we can only help people who are in receipt of a qualifying means-tested benefit.

Q I need to have repairs carried out to my house that will cost £5,000.  Can I have a grant for £1,000 and a loan for the rest?

A - No, you can’t have both.  In this case, we would offer a Home Improvement Loan.

Q - Why can’t I get a grant for unblocking a drain/replacing a ball valve etc?

A - These are works of routine maintenance that all owners must be prepared to carry out. The grants system is designed to help owners on low incomes carry out works of repair or improvement that they could not otherwise afford.

Q - I am over 60 and I’m worried that the electrics in my house are dangerous.  Can I get a grant to pay for a wiring test?

A - No, sadly the Council is no longer able to provide Home Safety grants.

Q - My property can’t be adapted for my disabled husband/wife, can you help me to move?

A - No, sadly the Council is no longer able to provide Relocation grants.

Q - Why do I have to repay the grant/loan when I move?

A - The Council has a limited amount of money available to help home owners.  By requiring the grant/loan to be re-paid, we can re-use the money to help others.  Ultimately, responsibility for maintaining a property rests with the owner, not the council.

Q - Why are you giving grants to owners of empty properties?

A - We’re not! However, empty properties are a waste of housing accommodation and the council is keen to see all long-term vacant properties brought back into use.  We can take action against owners of properties that are left vacant for years, particularly if they are causing a nuisance. 

Q - I have had a minor works grant, but something else has gone wrong.  Can you help me again?

A - Yes, subject to you meeting all eligibility criteria.  BUT remember, you can only have up to £1,000 of grant assistance in any 12 month period.

Q - Can I have a grant to upgrade my heating controls?

A - If the energy efficiency of your property does not reach our target level after the insulation of loft and cavity wall insulation we may be able to help you with a loan to replace your boiler and provide more efficient heating controls (subject to a means test).


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