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Housing - Tenancy Strategy

The Localism Act 2011 requires each local authority, in its strategic housing role, to have a tenancy strategy setting out the issues which Registered Providers of social housing (RPs) operating in the local area must have regard to when deciding: the type of tenancies to offer; the circumstances in which they will offer a tenancy of a particular kind; the length of any fixed term tenancy; and the circumstances in which they will grant a new tenancy when a fixed term tenancy comes to an end.

Each RP must in turn have its own tenancy policy which outlines its approach to letting
tenancies, having regard to the Local Authority’s tenancy strategy.

Stevenage Borough Council, as a stock-holding authority and the largest RP in the town, is developing its own tenancy policy within the context of this broader tenancy strategy.

Tenancy Strategy 2013 onwards