Next Step Lets Scheme and Landlords

The next step lets scheme has been developed to make working with landlords as easy and problem free as possible, in order to forge a long and lasting mutually beneficial working relationship.

How we work...

We work similarly to any high street agent, in that we actively seek residential properties within Stevenage and beyond, to place our clients in. We match the properties and potential tenants with the preferences of our landlords, and set up an assured short hold tenancy between the landlord and tenant.

We won’t manage (deal with maintenance) the property once the tenancy has started, but we will continue to take an active interest in the tenant to ensure the tenancy is sustained. The Next Step Lets Team is made up of 3 experienced staff members who all work towards ensuring the tenancies we set up are conducted correctly and continue to be beneficially to both parties.

Many of our clients have low incomes and are very often fully reliant on benefits. The Next Step Lets Team has direct links to the housing benefits team to help in resolving any problems and any clients coming through our service can have their benefit paid direct to the landlord from the very start of the tenancy. The council offer help with budgeting for tenants and often assist those who are struggling with debt and low incomes to ensure they are able to maintain their financial commitments likes rent.

As well as sustainment support, we give our tenant financial help with deposits and rent in advance loans. This is a discretionary service and offered to those who met a set criterion.
If eligible, we would pay the first month’s rent to the landlord direct and also offer either a deposit guarantee (a set amount we hold in case of a claim at the end of the tenancy) and cash deposits, which again, can  be paid direct to the landlord.

What we offer...

The Next Step Lets Team doesn’t charge for any of the service we provide to landlords. Listed below are the services you can expect from us-

  • Tenant vetting- we carry out affordability checks and can provide full current financial overview of any potential tenants.
  • Right to Rent Checks- we carry out these checks on all tenants in line with the government legislation.
  • Initial Property Checks- these checks are carried out prior to any tenancy to help prepare the property for letting. The experienced team will check all the legal requirements are met to ensure a seamless move and tenancy.
  • Viewings- The team will carry out viewings at properties, if requested by the landlord.
  • Inventory- A comprehensive inventory will be carried out by the team; this will include photos and will be in-line with best practice guidelines.
  • Tenancy Agreement- An assured short hold tenancy agreement will be produced by the Next Step Lets Team at tenancy commencement. Training is offered to our potential tenants to ensure they are fully aware of these responsibilities before they undertake a tenancy.
  • Exit Inspection- The team attends the exit inspection along with landlords and tenants to conduct an inspection of the property. Any deposit deductions can be discussed and evidenced for all parties.
  • Deposit Disputes- We have a robust deposit resolution process, which ensure that deposit claims are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Housing Benefit support- we have direct contact with the housing benefits team and are bale to fast track claims and resolve any issues quickly.
  • Housing Advice and Homelessness support- The Next Step Lets team work closely with the housing advice and homeless team, who both offer support and information on the latest legislation.
  • Tenancy Sustainment- as mentioned above we aim to sustain tenancies and do this we conduct initial visits to the tenant, within 2 week of moving in to ensure they are conducting the tenancy property and are fully aware of their responsibilities as a tenant. We keep in close contact with the tenants throughout the tenancy and are on hand for landlords and tenants to resolve any problems of issue that arise.

Incentive Packages for New Lets

Package A- 1 Year AST

  • 1 year's individual membership to the National Landlords association
  • One off cash payment to landlords

Size of property Cash payment (£)
Studio 200
1 bedroom 300
2 bedroom 500
3 bedroom 500
4 or more 200

Package B- 2 Year AST

  • 1 year's individual membership to the National Landlords association
  • One off cash payment to landlords

Size of property Cash payment (£)
Studio 300
1 bedroom 500
2 bedroom 600
3 bedroom 600
4 or more 300

Package C- Rent Insurance from Settledsure

Settledsure is an insurance policy which covers the housing benefit element of rent. The policy provides landlords and letting agents with protection should a tenant default on rental payments. The Policy will pay the full costs of evicting the tenant.

For more information please visit or call the private sector team on 01438 242860

For more information or to sign up a property

If you are interested in the scheme and require more details please feel free to call or email the Next Step Lets Team on the details provided.

Next Step Lets Team
01438 242242

Alternatively, you will find a registration form link below, which you can fill in online and that will be emailed to the team directly. We can then make contact with you directly.