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Joint Tenancies

If you are a sole tenant and you live with a partner or spouse who you now wish to share the rights and responsibilities of tenancy with, you need to apply for a joint tenancy.

Please read the Guidance notes before applying for a joint tenancy

Completed applications should be returned to tenancy services who will let you know their decision within 15 working days.

What to do if a joint tenant dies

If you are an existing joint tenant and your partner dies you may be able take over sole tenancy of the property providing there has been no previous succession.

The remaining tenant must notify us of their partner's death and provide a copy of the death certificate. A tenancy adviser will then arrange an appointment to see you to discuss your housing options.

What to do if a joint tenant wants to leave the property

In the event of one tenant wanting to leave the property both tenants should write to us requesting the tenancy be assigned to the remaining party. This should be in the form of a signed letter. The person leaving must give us a forwarding address so that the end of tenancy can be confirmed. It is also important that if you are a joint tenant and you leave the property you ensure that you do not leave rent in arrears. By law, both tenants will be jointly responsible for any arrears accumulated during their joint tenancy. A change in tenancy will not be agreed if there are any arrears or court actions pending.

If you do not inform us that you no longer want to be a joint tenant you can, by law, still be held responsible for the payment of rent, the maintenance of the property and everything else you were responsible for under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement.

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