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Tenancy Agreement

There are three types of tenancy:

Tenancy Agreement

This is the standard tenancy agreement. It is sometimes called a secure tenancy. All introductory tenancies become secure after a year, unless we have taken action against you for not keeping to the terms of your introductory tenancy. You can download a copy of the Tenancy Agreement below.

Introductory Tenancy

This is the agreement for new tenants. If you are an introductory tenant you do not have certain rights that others do. In particular you do not have the right to:

  • buy your home
  • take in lodgers
  • sub-let
  • make improvements
  • exchange your home

We may still give you permission to do these in certain circumstances. If you are an introductory tenant and you want to do any of these things, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 01438 242666.

If you do not keep to the terms of your introductory contract, we may seek to evict you, or extend your introductory tenancy.

Further information about introductory tenancies is available via the link below.

Non-Secure Tenancy Contract

This is an agreement with tenants housed on a temporary basis.


Tenancy Agreement

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