Making alterations to your home

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you must contact us for written permission before you make any alterations to your home.

In addition, depending on the works that you want to carry out, you may need planning permission and/or building regulations. You will be liable for any costs incurred. 

An alteration is anything which is an addition or change to the property, within the boundary of the property or its gas, electrical or water supply.

Examples of the most common alterations are:

  • Moving/removing fitted units or doors
  • Changes to kitchen bathroom or toilets
  • Modifications to central heating
  • Fitting different light switches
  • Adding or moving electric points
  • Plumbing and washing machines or other appliances
  • Building patios or decking
  • Knocking down walls
  • Installing double glazing
  • Fitting a gas fire or building feature fireplace
  • Enclosing porches
  • Extensions including conservatories
  • Additional fencing
  • Fitting satellite dishes

Permission will only be refused if the work would cause us expense, make it difficult to let the property in the future or give rise to complaints from other residents.

Your rent may not increase as a result of any improvements you make, but you will be responsible for the repair. If you do not get permission you may be charged to repair or restore your home to its original condition.

At the termination of your tenancy, you may qualify for a compensation payment (less an allowance for depreciation) for an improvement or alteration you carried out after 1 April 1994. It is important to note that you must have had written permission from us prior to any work being carried out.

For more information contact our Customer Service Centre by email or telephone us on 01438 211011.

Apply online

Fill out the online property alteration form to apply for consent to carry out your own alterations. Please give full details of what you propose to do.


Converting a living room to a bedroom

Gas safety regulations prohibit the use of certain gas and solid fuel appliances in rooms used as bedrooms. If you need to use a room with a gas or solid fuel or boiler as a bedroom please e-mail or telephone our Customer Service Centre on 01438 211011.

Converting a living room to a bedroom will increase your weekly rent.