Burst pipes and flooding - advice for tenants

What should I do if I find I have burst pipes?

If you find your pipes have burst you should turn off your water at the stop valve straight away. The stop valve is normally located under the kitchen sink and should be turned clockwise – you should check where it is now rather than wait until there are problems.

If you have an outside tap in the garden, you should isolate it from inside your property and then turn it on to drain. Then you should call our Customer Service Centre straight away on 01438 211011. For an emergency outside of the normal working hours please call 01438 314963.
You should also switch off their electricity supply at the mains if there is any chance of water getting into electrical fittings.

You should turn on all cold water taps to drain the system but do not   turn on the hot taps – your hot water cylinder may collapse if the pipes leading to it are frozen.


If you are a council tenant and are experiencing flooding due to heavy rain, please call our Customer Service Centre on 01438 211011. If this occurs outside of normal work hours please call 01438 314963. We will endeavour to provide sand bags to prevent further water ingress to your home. We will check electrical supplies to ensure that these are safe.

If you have experienced flooding in times of heavy rain fall and the forecast is for heavier than usual rainfall, please call us 01438 211011 and we will arrange for sand bags to be delivered to help safeguard your home.

Home Contents Insurance

We advise all our tenants to take out home contents insurance, the replacement of your belongings can be very costly. Use the following link for more information: