Missed appointments

Missed appointments can cost time and money for both the tenant involved and us. We will take all reasonable steps to minimise missed appointments and to keep tenants informed throughout the repairs process.

If we fail to keep a prearranged appointment (with a customer for access to their home) without good reason or we have failed to rearrange the appointment with the customer in advance and this causes loss of earnings and/or major inconvenience. In all cases we will offer £15 compensation and the tenant will not be asked to provide proof of loss of earnings to receive this.

You can report a missed appointment by emailing cscrepairs@stevenage.gov.uk or you can telephone 01438 211011. You will be given a new appointment.

If the agreed appointment becomes inconvenient for you, please call us back as soon as possible.

Recharging tenants

If the first pre-arranged appointment is missed by you, we will rearrange the appointment. If you miss two appointments, the repair request will be cancelled unless there is a health and safety job risk. In which case, SBC will regard it as a case of refused access for an essential repair and potentially force entry to the property.

Where two pre-arranged appointments are missed in a 12 month period you could be charged a maximum £100.