Housing Development

One of the council’s priorities is to build new homes and buy others on the open market so that we can provide decent affordable homes for local people.

During 2016/17 we worked toward providing new housing developments in Stevenage. Progress was made on the following developments:

5 housing units (2 houses and 3 flats) were completed at Kilner Close. These were a pilot scheme forHsg-Development-Archer-Road affordable rent properties (where the rents are at a higher rate than social rent properties) and the council carry out affordability checks and cap the rent to ensure the tenants can afford and sustain paying the higher rent. The additional rent goes toward future housing development programmes.

Archer Road is the first new council housing development built in almost 30 years. We planned to build 30 housing units (13 houses and 17 flats). All of the homes built on this project are social rents.

The build was split into two phases the first phase was completed in August 2016 where 8 flats, 2 shops and the new build and relocation of the community centre into Hampson Park were all completed.

The remaining 13 houses and 9 flats in phase two are under construction. These homes are on track to be completed in the summer of 2017.

Coming soon…

The Twin Foxes was formerly a public house that was no longer viable as a business. The council have worked with a local builder to develop 14 housing units (3 x 1 bed and 11 x 2 bed flats). These homes are due for completion in early 2018.