Community Safety and Anti-Social Behaviour

The ASB team is committed to reducing anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Stevenage. The team encourage residents to report any ASB issues so they can investigate and take action when it is needed. ASB issues are wide-ranging, from vandalism to hate crime to drug/alcohol issues; harassment to threatening violence and more.

Where drug and alcohol issues are involved, the team offers support and advice to the complainants or victims of ASB.

Case numbers opened and dealt with by the team during 2016/17:

Drugs/alcohol misuse 96
Domestic abuse 65
ASB 211
Family Intervention Project* 12

*The Family Intervention Project (FIP) aims to provide a lifeline to families in crisis. A dedicated key worker is allocated to the family to provide practical support for various matters.

The team successfully applied for funding through the Department for Communities and Local Government and secured £107,000. The grant fund has enabled the team to support and provide a safe space for domestic abuse victims.

Spotlight on…

The No More Service offers support to people, when alcohol or drugs affect their daily life. They can self-refer by contacting the service direct or through their GP, the police, a council worker or a key worker. A dedicated support worker will work with them to create a support plan, to help them address their alcohol or drug use and its impact on them and others. This includes issues involving housing and anti-social behaviour.

The service supported high/medium substance misuse clients between April and September 2016 – the predicted saving of the police and ASB team time over this period was £100k.

Anti-social behaviour

The future…

Community Safety Priorities 2017/18 The council work together with the police each year to identify what are the top three community safety priorities in Stevenage.

In 2017-18 the priority areas will cover:

  1. Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  2. Hate Crime
  3. Safeguarding