Ensuring the communal areas of your home are safe, clean and tidy.

Offering a seven day a week service, the caretaking team works hard to provide all residents with a safe, clean and tidy environment. They work closely with residents, to keep the communal areas of our flat blocks clean; free from obstructions and litter.

The caretaking team consists of 12 caretakers and 2 team leaders, trained to the British Institute of Cleaning Science standard (BICS). They maintain the 543 blocks of flats across Stevenage. Caretaker visits range from daily to once every three months.

What we doCaretaker-Satisfaction

  • In the 5 tower blocks they provide seven-days a week service.
  • In 40 blocks that have specific features such as bin chutes, they provide a four-days a week service.
  • In 35 supported housing schemes they provide a monthly service.
  • In 463 blocks they blitz clean once a quarter.

We carry out a range of duties in communal areas in all blocks, including cleaning lifts; laundry rooms and refuse chutes; sweep the floors; dust and clean doors.

Our team are also on hand to deal with urgent and unscheduled works, such as removing fly tipping.

Enhancing our service

All caretakers have smart phones to aid them complete their work. These devices are helping to improve the service in several ways. For example, they can use the devices to send pictures of potential hazards in communal areas to tenancy officers, who can then quickly contact residents and ask them to clear them.

We are continuing to review the caretaking service, aiming to highlight any areas where improvements can be made.

Since September 2016 the caretaking service has gone through more than 400 mop heads and used more than 900 litres of surface cleaner.

Engaging with residents


To help us make sure we’re doing the work that needs to be done, we meet with the volunteer Resident Inspectors. They kindly donate their time to inspect areas; talk to their neighbours and discuss their comments and concerns with the caretaking team. It gives us all a greater understanding of any cleanliness, safety and tidiness issues in communal areas.


Did you know...

In 2016/17 more than 190 tons of fly tipping was removed from flat blocks across Stevenage, at a cost of £144 per ton. We seek to investigate and prosecute wherever we can.+-