Your housing repairs service is provided by an in-house repairs team and is supported by a range of specialist external contractors.

In 2016-17 the repairs service you receive implemented a number of changes to enhance the service we provided. ThisRepairs-Vans year we plan to deliver our promises.

We updated our repairs policy to ensure that customers have clarity regarding what we offer. We delivered a new Repairs Handbook to all tenants earlier this year and made this available on our website.

The Repairs Service carried out 24,575 day to day repairs and 1,195 out of hours repairs during 2016/17.

22,521 of the day to day repairs were completed by our in house team and a further 2,054 were completed using supporting contractors’.

We listened to the feedback you gave us. You told us that our operatives did not always have the correct van stock. We changed supplier, updated our materials catalogue and are changing how we equip our vans.

All of our operatives now wear corporate uniform, so they are easily recognised as a council employee.

  Target Actual 
Customer satisfaction with the overall repairs service 90% 97%
Percentage of repairs carried out as a first time fix 80% 93%


You said
our workers did not always have the correct van stock
We did
We are updating the van stock and have changed suppliers

 787 Guttering repairs

We attended 1,195 out of hours repairs

24,575 responsive repairs