Resident Involvement

During the year tenants and leaseholders have been involved at every level to help shape housing services.

The Housing Management Board (HMB) met 13 times and passed on their views to the council’s Executive on the Housing Business Plan in addition to 14 policies, procedures and projects.

The Customer Scrutiny Panel monitored housing service performance. They also completed service reviews related to former tenant arrears management and the customer experience in our Customer Service Centre. Improvement plans are now in place. They are also reviewing how our contractor, Liberty, manages domestic gas servicing and repairs.

Customer Scrutiny Panel member, Ted Jones, raised the profile of Resident involvement in Stevenage, when he was elected as resident involvement Community Champion of the Year by ARCH (Association of Retained Council Housing). ARCH promotes the views of people who live in council homes and lobbys government concerning policy matters.

Six local residents’ groups met during the year. They concentrated on resolving local issues and influencing decisions that affect people and where they live. Resident groups worked together to increase their profile, membership levels and knowledge of what matters to residents locally.

The community garden at Bragbury End continues to thrive and unites local people with regular Saturday morning events.

Alongside our regular groups, more than 250 tenants and leaseholders worked on 15 panels to look in depth at housing services, including:

  • Helping produce publicity leaflets
  • Producing an information pack for involved residents
  • Improving flat block inspection processes
  • Developing a training programme for involved residents
  • Mystery shopping housing services to see if new processes have improved services
  • Increasing awareness of disabilities.

To boost their skills, 81 involved tenants and leaseholders took part in a range of training courses, including ‘basic first aid’, ‘effective questioning skills’ and ‘basics in housing law’.

Your involvement helps us to continue improving housing services. If you have time to get involved, please contact us on or telephone us on 01438 242183.