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Fire Safety FAQs

How many tower blocks does Stevenage Borough Council own?

We have 7 high rise blocks of flats.  2 have 17 floors 3 have 11 floors and 2 have 5 floors.

Does the council have any concerns about cladding used in council-owned tower blocks?

No - none of the high rise blocks have had any retrospective cladding fitted.

Do Stevenage Borough Council-owned tower blocks meet fire safety standards?

Yes. We have a long history of working with Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and together we work tirelessly to ensure our blocks meet all the relevant regulations and standards. 
Why do I need to ‘stay put’ in a case of a fire in my block?

Providing that the fire did not start in your flat, your flat is the safest place to be. This is because the flat has been built as a fire resistant box. However, if you feel in immediate danger or are instructed to evacuate, please do so. This is current advice.

Why don’t the blocks have sprinklers?

Our blocks were not constructed with sprinkler systems and they have not been retro fitted. Accepted guidance on sprinkler systems states that they are difficult to install retrospectively. Subject to the outcome of the Public Inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire, the Council will consider the feasibility of installing sprinkler systems within its high rise blocks

My house has external wall insulation fitted.  Is it the same as cladding?

No. Unlike cladding, external wall insulation has no cavity, is securely fixed directly to the building and the insulation is fully encapsulated in A1 fire rated mineral render.

What if I would like to know more about fire safety?

If you have a specific question or concern which has not been dealt with within these pages you can email firesafety@stevenage.gov.uk.