Clear Corridor Policy

Shared hallways, stairwells, landings & passages in sheltered schemes, low and high rise blocks of flats

We regularly carry out inspections of communal and shared spaces to ensure that they are free from fire risks and obstructions.

We may write to you where there are persistent issues of concern. In extreme cases we will remove articles without notice, where we feel that items are causing an obstruction or are a fire hazard.

Periodically, the Fire Authority carry out an inspection of the common and shared areas to check they are in a safe condition.

Arson, can be a particular problem in these areas, extra vigilance must be taken when these areas are being used and what is stored in them, It is the duty of the tenants to report incidents and regular occurrences of illegal entry and all doors should be kept locked at all times.

Each year, we review the Fire Safety Risk Assessment of the common and shared areas in conjunction with the Association’s Fire Safety contractor, to identify any issues of concern.

This document represents Stevenage Borough Council’s guidance on maintaining safe routes of escape in housing types where there are shared access routes and areas. The document provides guidance for tenants as to what is, and is not, acceptable in terms of furnishing and decorating such shared areas and routes.

Stevenage Borough Council maintains a No Smoking policy in all common areas and this MUST be adhered to.

The hazards presented by fire and smoke must not be underestimated. It is well known that people unfortunate enough to be caught up in a house fire can quickly become disorientated by thick smoke, and can struggle to exit a building which otherwise they know well. The purpose of this policy is to set down rules which:

a) Maintain safe routes of escape
b) Minimise the risk of smoke in such areas.

Stopping the spread of smoke and fire protecting the means of escape

Soft furnishings or any other object of material that is combustible (Including festive decorations), must NOT be placed in shared areas, even if they are made from fire retardant material, if they are set on fire they may give off harmful fumes.

All escape routes must be kept clear.

Artificial plants must not be placed in shared areas, for the same reason as above. Natural plants may be put in places where they will not cause a trip hazard or otherwise obstruct the route of escape.

It is not permitted to store furniture, rubbish, electric scooters, boxes or other articles in such shared areas.

Notice boards may be provided so long as they have a glass or Perspex cover.

Only electrical equipment provided by the Stevenage Borough Council may be used in shared areas (for example, fixed electric heaters).

It is NOT permitted to charge electric scooters in shared areas, as this causes both an obstruction and a fire risk.

Mats or rugs should not be placed outside the entrance door to your flat, as they may cause a trip hazard should there be a fire.

Do NOT prop open doors in common and shared areas. These are fire doors which are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke.

Refuse Collection points should be kept as clear as possible. ALL rubbish is to be put in the bins provided and any large items should be stored externally.

Do NOT obstruct fire exits, please report any damage or vandalism to fire exit doors. Please report any faulty door closers.