Income and Tenancy Officers

Income Officer

Every council tenant has a dedicated Income Officer and Tenancy Officer.

Your Income officer is responsible for:

  • Managing any rent arrears that may accrue on your account.
  • Providing support and advice if you having problems paying your rent.
  • Take action when your  rent has not been paid.
  • Providing you with general money and welfare benefit advice.

Please contact your Income Officer on 01438 242666 if you have any queries regarding your account or are having trouble paying your rent. Use the link below to find out who your Income Officer is.

Tenancy Officer

Your Tenancy Officer is responsible for ensuring that your tenancy is managed effectively.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Visiting you in your home when you first move in
  • Ensuring that the terms of your tenancy are followed
  • Investigate tenancy fraud
  • Investigating neighbour disputes or other cases of nuisance or anti-social behaviour
  • Identifying repairs and investigating complaints you may have with your home
  • Identifying third party support for you when required
  • Deal with requests for tenancy changes
  • Providing advice on legal action.

Your Tenancy Officer will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about your home. Should you wish to speak to your Tenancy Officer, please contact them on 01438 242666. Use the link below to find out who your Tenancy Officer is.