Making alterations to your home

Apply online for permission to make alterations to your home

You have the right to carry out reasonable improvements to your council property, such as fitting a new bathroom suite, replacing kitchen units or building a fireplace. However, you must first ask for consent and you must carry out any work to the guidelines that we give you.

Introductory tenants do not have the right to carry out any improvements or alterations at all, although at Stevenage Borough Council’s discretion, they may be granted consent.

Secure tenants will not be unreasonably refused consent, but it may be subject to certain conditions. Consent will only be refused if the work would cause Stevenage Borough Council expense, make it difficult to let the property in the future or give rise to complaints from other residents.

How to apply

Fill out the property alteration online form (link below) to apply for consent to carry out your own alterations. Please give full details of what you propose to do.

You may also need other forms of permissions, such as Building Control or Planning consent. You will be informed if this is the case, but it is your responsibility to ensure you obtain the necessary forms and to pay any fees involved.

Converting a living room to a bedroom

Gas safety regulations prohibit the use of certain gas and solid fuel appliances in rooms used as bedrooms. If you need to use a room with a gas or solid fuel or boiler as a bedroom please contact the Repairs Centre on 01438 211011 or e-mail us at