Repairs to shared areas

There are occasions when tenants identify repairs that are not necessarily related to their own home. We are also responsible for repairs to shared areas such as communal lighting to a block of flats or communal drainpipes to a block of garages.

We would always urge people to report these requests for repairs as soon as possible.

To report a repair to a shared area, please use the link below:

Once the work has been completed the works person will attempt to get one of the tenants in the block to agree that the work has been completed. They may not go back to the original tenant that reported the repair.

If you are aware that damage is being deliberately caused by an individual or group of individuals, we welcome information that could lead to those people being charged with the costs rather than those costs falling on the rent payers.


Report a repair to a shared area

Contact us

You can also report a repair by:

Phone: 0800 1123444 or 01438 211011
Fax: 01438 211256
Stevenage Borough Council
Cavendish Road

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