Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


How will the Council determine what works are carried out to my home?

A survey will have been completed to the whole property; this may have been recent, a few years ago or before you moved in. The results of the survey will be compared to the decent homes standard. This will determine the extent of work to your home. If surveyors were not able to gain access to your property, they will have cloned survey data from a similar property within your area. Not all homes will need work.

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Why is my neighbour having work and I am not?

Because each property has had different work carried out over the years, which may be repairs, renewals or upgrades of various fittings or parts, your home will be different from your neighbours even if you think it is the same. The work that is carried out in each property will depend on the outcome of the surveys.

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How will I know exactly when my home will be improved?

Before any improvements are carried out to your home you will receive a letter from us telling you about what work is likely to be carried out, and who the contractor is who will be working in your home.

When the appointed contractor is ready to start work, you will be contacted to arrange an initial visit. At this visit a detailed survey will take place to identify and confirm exactly what improvements are needed.

A Resident Liaison Officer will keep you informed of proposed works and liaise with you before, during and after the works.

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How long will the work take?

A Resident Liaison Officer will visit you before the work starts and will let you know how long it is likely to take. They will keep you updated about when key phases will be completed.

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Will I have to clear furniture myself?

This will depend on what work you are having, however you can help us take the best possible care of your belongings by taking some simple precautions. It makes sense to put away fragile or valuable items and remove things from the walls to save them getting knocked. Your Resident Liaison Officer will discuss this in more detail when they visit you before the work starts.

We always use dust sheets when working in your home to protect floor coverings and furniture that has not been removed.

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Will I receive a decorating allowance once works are complete?

When a property has had either an electrical re-wire or a central heating system fitted we will provide a £100 decorating voucher to spend in B&Q at Stevenage. If you have had a re-wire and central heating installed you will receive £200. Our project officers will survey your property after the work has been completed to say whether you will be entitled to the decorating vouchers.

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What can I buy with the B&Q voucher?

The voucher allows you to buy a range of decorating materials. This includes interior paints, wood care and varnishes, wallpapers and pastes, non-powered tools such as brushes and wallpaper scrapers, sandpaper, fillers and sealants. You will have this information on the letter you receive with the voucher.

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When do I have to use the voucher by?

We suggest that you purchase your decorating materials within 3 months. If you have an issue with purchasing the materials within this time frame, please advise us on 01438 242666 Investment Team.

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Who can purchase the materials from B&Q?

The person who signed for the card must be present when making a purchase and one form of ID with a signature must be shown to the cashier. You should take the letter that you received when you were passed the voucher with you.

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Where can I get further information?

If you have any further questions about any of our major works programmes, please email us at or call our Customer Service Centre on 01438 242666.

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