Housing Register

What is the housing register?

The housing register is a record of all the applicants who have applied to the council to be considered for housing in either a council owned home, or a home owned by another social landlord, usually a housing association.

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16 or over who is both eligible and qualifies to join the housing register can apply to join.

Before you complete an application form please read our Housing Allocations Policy and our guide to choice based lettings for more information about the housing register.


If you are a person subject to immigration control, you are not eligible to apply to join the housing register.


Even if you are eligible to apply, you will not qualify to join the housing register if:

  • You have given false or misleading information in connection with your application.
  • You do not currently live in Stevenage and haven't done so for 5 out of the last 7 years.
  • You, or any member of your household included in your application, is the owner of any type of residential property.
  • You are considered to be unsuitable to be a tenant because of your behaviour, or the behaviour of any member of your household included in your application.

Change of circumstances

If you are on the housing register and you move address or have changes to your household or circumstances, you will have to complete a housing update form (form C).

Details of acceptable documents to support your changes are given in our proof of circumstances leaflet.

How to apply

Please read, complete and sign our Application for housing - qualification form to be sure that you qualify to join the housing register. Remember that the qualification rules apply to both parties if you are making a joint application.

If you are satisfied you do qualify, please fill in our Housing register application form. You must answer ALL the questions on the form and sign and date the form. If you are applying jointly with your partner, both applicants must sign and date the form.

You must provide all of the requested proofs of identification, current residence and address history when you submit your application form. Details of what documents are acceptable as proofs are given in our Proof of circumstances leaflet. Only original documents will be accepted and we strongly recommend that you bring your completed qualification form and housing register application form, together will all your proofs, into the Customer Service Centre. An adviser will be able to photocopy your documents and return the originals to you. If you choose to send your documents by post, we advise you to use recorded delivery as we cannot guarantee the security of your documents. Documents will be returned to you by standard delivery.

You can find more information about the banding system of prioritising applications and how we decide what size and type of accommodation you will be considered for here.


If you submit an incomplete application form or do not provide all the requested proofs, your application will not be accepted. Documents will be handed back to you or posted back to you - you should not re-submit your application until it is complete and you can provide all the proofs we need.

Housing Information and Advice

The demand for council housing far exceeds the supply - many applicants will face a indefinite wait before they may be offered a council or housing association home and some are unlikely ever to be re-housed.

We always encourage applicants to explore the alternatives to council accommodation that are available, for example the private rented sector or affordable home ownership such as the Help to Buy scheme. You can find out more about your housing options here

You can find out more about affordable home ownership here

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