No More Alcohol and Drug Service

What is the No More service?

The No More service offers support to people, when alcohol, drugs or offending negatively affect their daily life.

You can refer yourself to the project by contacting us on the number on the right, or ask an agency to do this for you. This could be your GP, council worker, police officer or key worker. You will work with a dedicated support worker, who can help you to address your alcohol or drug use and its impact on you. This includes issues involving housing and antisocial behaviour.

We provide help with:

  • emotional support management
  • reducing the need to offend
  • organising leisure based activities
  • supported referrals to other services
  • household management and guidance
  • financial advice and guidance
  • health advice and guidance
  • supporting family relationships
  • training and employment options

If you answer yes to three of the questions below the No More service may be able to support you to reduce your alcohol or drug use.

  • Do you feel your alcohol or drug use prevents you from doing everyday things?
  • Do you find yourself involved in antisocial behaviour or crime due to your alcohol or drug use?
  • Are you having problems managing your tenancy, such as struggling to pay your rent, receiving warning letters or being threatened with eviction?
  • Do you think alcohol or drugs are affecting your relationships or family?
  • Have you felt vulnerable or been a victim of a crime or antisocial behaviour while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

How it works - No More Alcohol

What our clients say

"Life changing, without the project I would be on the street"

"Knowing someone is listening to me rather than lecturing"

"Given the chance to prove myself"



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