We are committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and providing a safe and secure environment for people to live in and visit.  We will not tolerate harassment and will work with the Police and other agencies to deal with and prevent harassment.

Residents will also be held responsible for the actions of anyone living in or visiting their homes.

Reporting harassment

If you experience or witness any incident of harassment, however minor, please report it.

You can report incidents using the link below:

Important: If you feel that you are in immediate danger as a result of serious harassment please phone the Police.

If you feel the harassment is relatively trivial and you are not ready to report it, we would advise you to;

  • remember, it is not your fault
  • if you feel comfortable and safe doing so, tell the harasser to stop. Let them know you dislike their behaviour. You could ask a friend to accompany you or to tell them on your behalf. Or, you can let them know in writing that their behaviour is unreasonable (keep a copy of the letter if you do this)
  • confide in someone you can trust
  • keep a note of dates and times of each incident, and details of what happened 
  • if the harassment continues, re-consider reporting it.

What is harassment?

Harassment is any inappropriate actions, behaviour, comments or physical contact which cause offence or are objectionable. Behaviour that makes the recipient feel threatened, humiliated or patronised and creates an intimidating or hostile environment.
Harassment is unwanted, unreciprocated, uninvited, one-sided and imposed. Anyone can be a victim of harassment.

Harassment can take many forms and can include;

  • physical - unwanted touching, physical attack or assault, damage to property.
  • verbal - unwanted advances, name calling, bullying, threats, abuse,  jokes and insults, ridicule for cultural or other differences, malicious complaints.
  • non verbal - offensive graffiti,  gestures, letters, leaflets or posters, staring and leering.

What will we do about harassment?

Whenever we receive a report of harassment involving our tenants or leaseholders, we will where possible, respond within one working day and produce a plan of action within three working days. We will work with other agencies and in partnership with the police to make sure that a range of services and support are available to people suffering from harassment.

We will...

  • treat all reports of harassment seriously;
  • thoroughly investigate all harassment incidents that are reported to us.
  • make sure that our staff are sensitive to the needs of those experiencing harassment;
  • arrange emergency accommodation for a tenant and their household if they are assessed as a being in immediate danger if this will reduce the risk;
  • remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported to the Customer Service Centre (Tel: 01438 242666);
  • treat any repair required as a result of the incident as an emergency repair.
  • provide an interpreter or signer, if required;
  • liaise, on your behalf, with external agencies such as the police, schools and victim support groups. We will only do this with your agreement or if we are required to do so by law;
  • acknowledge every report of a harassment incident and give you information on what will happen next.

We will achieve this by...

  • making sure that all staff are aware of the importance of client confidentiality and the implications this may have for the person's wellbeing and safety;
  • taking firm action against those involved in harassment, this includes harassment of our staff or contractors.  The action taken will depend on the seriousness of the incident and may vary from written warnings to injunctions and legal action for possession of the home of a tenant found responsible for harassment;
  • monitoring all reports of harassment so that we can improve our responses.

Full policy on harassment

You can download a full copy of our policy on harassment here:

  • Harassment policy